Steps for cleaning wood doors


The door is an important addition to any room, it achieves its independence and, despite the attractiveness of painting the door with a light-colored paint, it attracts dirt to it, more easily compared to a dark-colored door. Steps for cleaning wood doors, in the following.

* The diluted solution, prepared from mild liquid and water, is suitable for cleaning most surfaces. But, the action begins with the flick and dirt of the door. Then, choose the cleaning solution on the area of the door is clearly visible, to ensure that the Mobile will not interact negatively.
• It is recommended to put some newspapers under the door to pick up any drops, just start cleaning.
• If the solution seems safe to use, you can wipe the door down. A bottle with a sprayer is used to apply a cleaning solution, which is wiped by means of a sponge or mop before drying the door with a paper towel.
* You should not lose sight of cleaning the frame and the sill too, polishing the glass panels, if the door has any of them.
• If there are hard stains of dirt, they can be cleaned with distilled vinegar.